Some Answers to your FAQs



  • How far in advance do I need to place my order?

For wedding cakes I suggest at least 4 weeks.  Some cakes with simple buttercream designs or simple fondant work need only 4-7 days, however,  It's suggested to place your order as soon as you can to ensure the date is available.  If I can't accommodate your order due to a lack of time, I'll do my best to refer you to another shop/person.

  • I have picture of a cake that I want you to recreate exactly, do you do that?

I don't copy others work to a T.  I will use the picture you have for inspiriation and work with you to create something special and unique for your occasion.

  • Is payment due when I place my order?

To avoid being left out of pocket, I do require A 50%  non-refundable deposit on all orders.  Once the deposit is made, your order is secure.

  • Do you do gluten free cakes?

Yes we do.  Unfortunately we can only offer a vanilla or chocolate flavor.  We are not a gluten free establishment so we don't suggest ordering if you are severely allergic(celiac).

  • Do you have cake stands we can rent?

Yes! Check out our Rentals page for more details!

  • Do you do cake tastings?

At the moment we only do tastings for weddings.  Please submit a contact form for more details.

  • Do you cater to all sorts of allergies?

Unfortuanely, no.  We can do gluten-free and make sure nuts are not around for nut and tree allergies.  But again, we are not a nut free or gluten free establishment.  

  • I want fresh flowers on my cake, can you do that?

Yes!  For all wedding cakes the flowers are to be provided by your florist.  I ask that your florist set some aside for me to place them on.  For smaller celebration cakes where there isn’t a floirst, selection of flowers will be limited, but it is available for an extra charge.  The price will vary on what flowers are available.

  • I want the look of a big cake, but don't actually need a lot. How can we achieve this?

  If you want the look of a 3 tiered cake for example, but only need one cake to serve, we can make what we call a dummy cake.  It's a styrofoam cake that is able to be fully decorated to give you that look you want.  You can find pricing for these on our flavors and pricing page

  • I didn't see exactly what I was looking for on your menu page. Do you do other flavors than those?

If you're interested in a flavor, filling or frosting that isn't listed, please ask and I'll try my best to accomidate!