Our Menu

Below are some signature cakes that we offer if you're looking for something a little different or have trouble deciding.  For a full list of what we offer, continue scrolling down.

Build Your Own

Cake Flavors

White Velvet Buttermilk

Yellow Butter


Spicy Mexican Chocolate

Grapefruit Chiffon

Coffee Chiffon


Chocolate Hazelnut

Lemon Poppyseed



*Gluten Free Yellow

*Gluten Free Chocolate


Grapefruit curd

Strawberry Basil Curd

Vanilla pastry cream

Mexican chocolate pudding

Honey pastry cram

Strawberry jam

Blackberry jam

Raspberry jam

German filling

Cream cheese 

Fresh berries (seasonal)


 Vanilla Buttercream 

Chocolate buttercream

Passion fruit buttercream

Strawberry buttercream

Caramel buttercream

Espresso Buttercream

Blueberry Buttercream

Peanut butter Buttercream

White chocolate Ganache

Dark Chocolate Ganache


*We are not a gluten-free establishment, so there can be some cross contamination.  If you have a severe allergy (celiac) we can direct you to another bakery that is dedicated to everything gluten-free.

Didn't see anything that you like?  Shoot me message here and I'll see what I can do for you!